Dish TV Plans

Dish TV comes with a wide range of packages which are not just affordable but also easy to use. If you want to know about the Dish TV Plans then this is the right place to get all the information.

As we know that there are several services providers which facilitate customers with plans and packages, not many are able to provide what can provide. Well, we are sure you are wanting to know more.

Dish TV Plans and Packages

First and foremost, it is about the three categories in which the packages are divided. They include:

        Dish TV SD Packages

        Dish TV HD Packages

        Dish TV Addon Packages

Interestingly, each package contains exclusive TV channels in the areas where the services are entertained.

Let’s discuss each of them separately so that we know how they differ from each other and the reasons why they are considered important.

1.       SD Package Recharge:

Again, this is one of the most reputed packages of the best service providers in Pakistan and Middle East. What it contains and how it is different from the previous one is a vital question indeed.

This package is further divided into following parts which sanction the utility of Dish TV Plans.

•    Titanium SD Package

•    Super Sports SD Package

•    Super Family SD Package

•    Online Recharge

•    Swagat SD Package

•    Maxi Sports SD Package

As the name suggests, Super Sports SD Package and Maxi Sports SD Package are those which has almost all sports channels for sports entertainment lovers. Whereas, Titanium and Super Family SD Packages are more to do with entertainment channels. 

2.      HD Packages Recharge

We as service providers assist in buying the recharges in all the above-mentioned packages. For example, the following are the packages that have the potential of getting recharged on monthly, bi-monthly, or yearly packages.

•    Swagat HD Package

•    Maxi Sports HD Package

•    Super Sports HD Package

•    HD Royale Package

•    Super Family HD Package

•    Titanium HD Package


3.    Add-on Package

This package is fixated to the Add-ons in which a user can add channels according to his needs and wants. Some of the main Dish TV Channels in the HD version are:

•    Dish TV HD Royale Pack: costs only $17

•    Marathi HD: costs $3.00

•    Top Scorer HD: costs $3.00

•    Bangla HD: $3.00

•    English Cricket HD: $3.00

•    Hindi Cricket HD: $3.00

•    All Hindi HD: $5.00

•    Hindi Entertainment HD: $3.00

Keep in mind that there are two types of add-on services – Dish TV HD Packages for add-on services and Dish TV SD Packages for add-on services. The list of HD add-ons is mentioned above, however, for SD addons you simply have to click to Dish TV Packages.

All these Dish TV Recharge in Abu Dhabi and other parts of Middle East are facilitated with customer support.

Furthermore, it is all about the utilization which means at times you need only two or three channels, right? For that add-on package works out fine.

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