Dish Tv Plans

Dish TV Plans

Dish TV comes with a wide range of packages which are not just affordable but also easy to use. If you want to know about the Dish TV Plans then this is the right place to get all the information.

As we know that there are several services providers which facilitate customers with plans and packages, not many are able to provide what can provide. Well, we are sure you are wanting to know more.

Dish TV Plans and Packages

First and foremost, it is about the three categories in which the packages are divided. They include:

        Dish TV SD Packages

        Dish TV HD Packages

        Dish TV Addon Packages

Interestingly, each package contains exclusive TV channels in the areas where the services are entertained.

Let’s discuss each of them separately so that we know how they differ from each other and the reasons why they are considered important.

1.       SD Package Recharge:

Again, this is one of the most reputed packages of the best service providers in Pakistan and Middle East. What it contains and how it is different from the previous one is a vital question indeed.

This package is further divided into following parts which sanction the utility of Dish TV Plans.

•    Titanium SD Package

•    Super Sports SD Package

•    Super Family SD Package

•    Online Recharge

•    Swagat SD Package

•    Maxi Sports SD Package

As the name suggests, Super Sports SD Package and Maxi Sports SD Package are those which has almost all sports channels for sports entertainment lovers. Whereas, Titanium and Super Family SD Packages are more to do with entertainment channels. 

2.      HD Packages Recharge

We as service providers assist in buying the recharges in all the above-mentioned packages. For example, the following are the packages that have the potential of getting recharged on monthly, bi-monthly, or yearly packages.

•    Swagat HD Package

•    Maxi Sports HD Package

•    Super Sports HD Package

•    HD Royale Package

•    Super Family HD Package

•    Titanium HD Package


3.    Add-on Package

This package is fixated to the Add-ons in which a user can add channels according to his needs and wants. Some of the main Dish TV Channels in the HD version are:

•    Dish TV HD Royale Pack: costs only $17

•    Marathi HD: costs $3.00

•    Top Scorer HD: costs $3.00

•    Bangla HD: $3.00

•    English Cricket HD: $3.00

•    Hindi Cricket HD: $3.00

•    All Hindi HD: $5.00

•    Hindi Entertainment HD: $3.00

Keep in mind that there are two types of add-on services – Dish TV HD Packages for add-on services and Dish TV SD Packages for add-on services. The list of HD add-ons is mentioned above, however, for SD addons you simply have to click to Dish TV Packages.

All these Dish TV Recharge in Abu Dhabi and other parts of Middle East are facilitated with customer support.

Furthermore, it is all about the utilization which means at times you need only two or three channels, right? For that add-on package works out fine.

Latest DTH Provider

Why DTH (direct-to-home) services are much important and meaningful as compared to cable services in the Middle East? Is it just because they are far stronger in taking care of channels and signals; or there are other reasons too? Well, when it comes to providing Latest DTH Provider we should know what it actually means.

Latest DTH Facilitation

First and foremost, like mentioned above, the abbreviation stands for Direct to Home. Services that are mainly and chiefly associated to TV and are interlinked or highly associated with transmission of television from stations. Now, if you are thinking as to how to believe in transmissions, you must know that it is comes from satellite’s top box.

DTH, in other words is antenna for Dish TV that is fixed on the top. It is a paid service and the user has to subscribe in order to take full benefit. Furthermore, it has its own features or let’s call it advantages. What are they? Let’s explore…

·         First of all, you being the user, get to watch more channels.

·         Secondly, the quality of Dish TV HD is top of the line.

·         Furthermore, sound system is far better than those services which are projected by cable authorities.

·         There are fewer interruptions.

·         Channels positioning keeps on moving.

·         However, it doesn’t operate during shortage of electric supply.

Dish TV Recharge in Middle East

Based on all the features mentioned above, it is justified that the Dish TV recharge in Middle East, Dish TV Recharge in Kuwait, and Dish TV Recharge in Abu Dhabi, are the main hubs of receiving DTH services. However, it is still not sure as to what measures should be imposed in order to provide the latest DTH services in the Middle East. For that, we have done out research and implemented strategies that will bring huge benefit for both, users and latest DTH providers. Obviously, there are challenges in every company and service providers. we also have few to start off with but we know how to manage and take care of them.

When it comes to challenges, the biggest one is regarding packages that can hold up to five million or more DTH users in the Middle East and Pakistan. Another complexity that needs attention is how to make it in everyone’s reach.

Since we are the pioneers and the best ones to provide Dish TV HD Packages and SD Packages, we are equally fine with the rates of DTH services. You can look up to the prices on our official website which is All in all, everything revolves around three things – packages and channels, package prices, and the optimum level of quality for sound and picture.

Dish Tv Payment Methods

Dish TV Payment Methods

One of our unique factors that make us different from others is the easy and flexible payment methods. By visiting, you can easily recharge the packages you want with the help of easy payment method. You can visit the website at any time you want as there is a live agent available who is always there to help you. These agents are trained and expert to help you solve any kind of issue you are facing and any kind of help you need with regard to payment.

For Dish TV Recharge, we offer convenient and simple Dish TV Payment Methods of pressing the “recharge now” given on the website, and then by entering the information required, you can change the pack you want. With the help of your credit or debit card, you can easily recharge the account without any hassle in no time. Therefore, you don’t need to get worried of the complex and challenging payment methods like other websites. Customer support is always available to assist you. These payment methods are same for all the countries where we are offering this service without any discrimination.

For payment, you can whatsapp on this number 001 929 3123286. However, while doing payment, you are obligated to provide correct information about. If you provide incorrect information, then recharge will be done and will not be refunded. Though, you have to be very careful and cautious while providing the information. There is also a Refund Policy but that is for those people who have provided right information while recharging the pack. In case, you are afraid to provide information because of privacy issues, then we are glad to tell you that we have strict police and rules related to the user information that we don’t disclose to any other party. So, you should feel safe and secure with us.

With this Dish TV Online Recharge, you can avail huge bundle of Dish TV Offers. For Dish TV Recharge in Middle East or any other country, the payment methods are same and don’t change from place to place. We don’t rely on differences and we offer equal services to everyone. But, make sure to enter correct information like mobile number etc, so we also provide the exact services as you need.


Therefore, our payment methods are flexible with easy solutions. You don’t need to get panic or stress as with these methods, one can easily refill the cart without any trouble. Along with our full time assistance, you can recharge your account without any challenge and issue. We don’t believe and rely on complex methods and our strategies are simple and straight forward. Hence, you are welcome here to join the portal and get the maximum fun from our channels and packages. We treat all of you like a family without any discrimination of religion, country, culture etc, so we are the best Dish TV Service Providers.


Dish Tv Hindi Tv Channels

Dish TV Hindi TV Channels

Dish TV has brought change in the life of people who like and love Hindi Dramas, programs, sports, entertainment, music and many other services. With our website, you can truly find a huge collection of Hindi Channels for your entertainment. This Dish TV is an amazing change by bringing amazing dish plans along with convenience of use. You have reached a right place if you want to know about the Dish TV Plans and its amazing Dish TV Hindi TV Channels collection.

Basically, there are three categories in which dish TV Plans have been divided;

·         Dish TV SD Packages

·         Dish TV HD Packages

·         Dish TV Add-on Package


Each package is centered on its own specific choice of channels to entertain the audience.

Here is a list of the few Dish TV Hindi TV channels.

·         Zee TV

·         Zee Anmol

·         Star Plus

·         Star Utsav

·         Star Bharat

·         Sony

·         Sony Sab

·         Sony Pai

·         Rishte TV

·         DD National

·         DD India

·         DD Bharti

·         Colors

·         Bindass

·         Big Magic

·         & TV

Therefore, you can enjoy all these above channels from the convenience of your home. Furthermore if you wish to search the complete variety of channels we acquire, you simply need to follow Dish TV Packages and find your favorite channels under mentioned lists.

As it is evident above, the packages and plans provided by our website are best suit to your entertainment requirements. So in that regard to makes us different from others we provide a huge choice of channels and packages along with easy recharging facility. If you want to enjoy Hindi Entertainment, English Entertainment, Sports Entertainment, Information Entertainment, Music Entertainment, Movies, News, or Entertainment for your Kids you are just a click away from entertainment and fun.

As we are getting bigger and expanding everyday in the field of Dish TV Service Provider, due to our quality and efficient services. As, we never ever let down our customers and always solve their issues by hook or by crook. And with every recharge plan and huge bundle of packages, our customers come and enjoy Dish TV Channels entertainment. Therefore, clients have never complaint us about any issue. We provide user with all rules and policies that are simple and clear. That’s why, more and more subscribers are emerging towards our platform. Since customers put their trust in us, we also never let them ashamed upon their choice.

For example, if you are living in Kuwait and want Dish TV Recharge in Kuwait, and you are unable to find any better and easy option you can just click “Recharge Now” on our website and you would be done with your desired results. However, when you are recharging, make sure you have entering authentic and guideline information. In case, you enter incorrect mobile number or wrong information, then recharge will never be refunded. So, always be focused and careful while filling in data for recharge. Or, you always welcome to contact us through call or whatsapp on 001 929 3123286 regarding your issues and concerns. Hence, get subscribed to the world’s leading platform and enjoy the fun of different channels with us. Have a Good Day!

Dish Tv Channels

Dish TV Channels

Airtel Dish TV is famous and renowned commonly as Dish TV that has changed the way people watch different channels, movies, programs and many other services. This dish TV is famous for its path breaking high definition. One can easily recharge and customize new channels for them by visiting our section called Dish Tv Online Recharge. So now onwards there is no need to visit offline stores. Dish TV channels with us have been categorized into three categories; HD packages, SD packages and Add-on packages.

This dish provides the flexibility and freedom to enjoy the channels they want to watch. You may also have a detailed look into channels details by visiting our Dish TV Packages section as channels along with their numbers; such as, one of the famous channels is Star plus HD that has 106 channels Number. In the same way, other channels have their own specific numbers.  

There are many channels with HD quality that are offered in Dish TV HD Packages. It is fast and easy to change the DTH channels and there is no need to pay extra. In order to recharge it, you can easily avail this with the help of the specific calling number 001 929 3123286 given for you in any country or you may also adopt the whatsapp option to make your connection more easy and accessible for you. Every month, there is due bill that one has to pay in case you have adopted the monthly billing subscription with us. For Dish TV Recharge in Pakistan, you can call on the number and you can also contact on our whastapp numbers for further information.  

For Dish TV Recharge in Dubai, one can also call or whatsapp at this number for recharge 001 929 3123286

You can also go to your Paypal account and recharge your account without much effort. These packages are available with different packs and options. There is a menu down the website that you can scroll down and find a best package in two major categories of Dish TV SD Packages and Dish TV HD Packages.

So what are you thinking about just avail our recharging facility and enjoy maximum fun. One has to schedule only time and place for recharging. The payment for choosing these packages is done through debit or credit card or via your Paypal account. This is secure and safe option in the cloud. This recharge is the most economical and easy way to do.

Recharge at our website which offers 24/7 services and help for recharge and one can contact them anytime and from anywhere in the world. In order to enjoy your TV programs with maximum fun and entertainment, you can also register to this dish and get the latest news of the world, latest movies, latest programs, series and many more fun packages. Therefore, by using their online services, one can easily sign in and select a specific package from the comfort of their home without any trouble.

Dish Tv SD Packages

Dish TV SD Packages

We are the best dish recharge service providers. Reason being, there are packages of several types which give the customer a feel of relaxation and understanding that there is something for them too. Another factor that keeps us among the best Dish TV Recharge in Kuwait and other parts of the Middle East is based on the fact that the packages are very economical. Last but not least, each and every package entails famous channels and not those which are just for the sake of fillers and an increase in the number of channels.

Dish TV Channels List

Dish TV Packages, as mentioned above are of several types. Firstly, it is an HD Package, then we has Dish TV SD Packages, and last but not least, we have add-ons. Each and every package has more than a hundred channels which include sports, entertainment, movies, news, and etc. Likewise, in the add-ons, we provide solo channel services which are between three and eleven US dollars.

Dish TV SD Packages and Dish TV HD Packages

Dish TV Recharge in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Kuwait, and other Middle Eastern countries are defined best with both, HD and SD packages. However, here we will describe all the differences between HD and SD packages.

Overall, there is a difference between high-resolution and the standard-definition pictures or images. When anyone buys an SD package, it costs lesser than the HD standard. Despite the fact that the major changes are based on the finer quality and details of images, it is also about the service provider. As in what is the HD level and likewise, the SD package is too bad or what. In that regard, we want to clear that the myth associated with the ultimate bad quality with SD is totally flawed. We can resonate it by the quality we provide. It is not bad at all and can make the user equally happy as he would be while using HD quality.


Coming back to the dish TV SD packages, we provide excellent bundles of joy at It means that the user feels satisfied with it based on everything – the quality of the pictures, prices, online recharging facilities, and etc. 



Dish Tv Offers

Dish TV Offers

Our wide range of Dish TV Offers is one of the thing that make us unique and different from others. Dish TV Recharge Pack website offers you the services of customized plans and packages that best meet your needs. One of our specialties is that our services are not limited and narrowly focused but accessible to everyone. Interestingly, our services are fulfilling the demands of people living in Kuwait, UAE, Dubai, Pakistan, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi and Afghanistan. With simple three clicks, you can avail these services. The process of availing these offers is very simple and easy. We are offering unlimited type of offers and packages to our customers that satisfy their entrainment needs.

By offering simple ways to recharge, you can avail our all offers. If you want to change the pack, then you can also do this with simple clicks. The offers are divided on the basis of the three categories;

·         Dish TV SD Packages

·         Dish TV HD Packages

·         Dish TV Add-On Packages

The channels included in SD package recharge are;

·         Swagat SD Pack

·         Titanium SD Pack

·         Maxi Sports SD Pack

·         Super Family SD Pack

·         Super Sports SD Pack


The channels included in Dish TV HD packages are;

·         Dish TV HD Royale Pack

·         Dish TV SWAGAT HD Pack

·         Dish TV Titanium HD Pack

·         Dish TV Maxi Sports HD Pack

·         Dish TV Super Family HD Pack

·         Dish TV Super Sports HD Pack

The channels included in Add-On Pack comes with a huge variations where you can select any of the option  as per your best desire and avoid spending more money for one of few channels of your choice;

By visiting us online, you can recharge these packages and offers without any trouble and issue. It is possible to do Dish TV recharge online by availing 24/7 customer care services. By using your credit or debit card, you can contact us on 001 929 3123286 and get the recharge within no time. The contact number is also accessible on whastapp to make it most convenient option for you.

We are focused towards providing what we promise and we don’t rely on fake offers. Like other companies, we don’t focus on lying to the people by offering loads of services and then end up providing them nothing. We are emphasized on providing authentic services and offers. We fulfill our promises and that is the factor that makes us different.

To implement Dish TV recharge in Middle East, you can visit our website since we are Asia’s largest dish TV recharge service provider. Further, you can call and send message at the number mentioned above. Before you further proceed to make your Dish Tv Online Recharge done, you need to enter and confirm that you have supplied all information 100% correct. Due to our efficient and loyal services, our customers stay with us forever and this is the reason, you should also get registered to our services and avail the packs.


We are also offering few discount and special off offers to you like you may go for these packages to get the maximum savings for your entertainment on long time period without any issues and delays.

As our recharge services are provided on monthly, quarterly, semi annually and biannual basis with regular pricing option but we have made some other useful offers for our clients but as you are a regular and loyal client to Dish TV then why not you avail the Big Discounts on longer duration recharge packages which are as below..

·         Get up to 40 % Discount on 3 Years Recharge pack.

·         Get up to 30 % Discount on 2 Years Recharge pack.


Dish Tv HD

Dish TV HD is the largest home service of Asia that is offering all the channels and packages offered by Dish TV. This recharge service is offering more than 400+ channels that are comprised on more than 50 HD channels. This dish TV has exceptional HD quality and amazing sound system that makes your life full of entertainment and fun.

The Dish TV HD has all kinds of packages; such as, add-on packages, SD Packages and HD packages Pakistan.

Here is a list of DISH TV HD Packages;

·         HD Royale Pack

·         SWAGAT HD Pack

·         Titanium HD pack

·         Maxi Sports HD Pack

·         Super Family HD Pack

·         Super Sports HD Pack

As far as the quality is concerned, this Dish TV Offers the best quality packages. In DTH ultra plan, it offers 175 channels and ultra plan focuses on 180 + channels.

The cost of these packages is also very economical and one can easily afford them. For Dish TV Recharge in Pakistan, you can call on the numbers given. Here are some of the ways for recharging the plan and packs;

·         Official website: You can simply recharge the plan with the help of visiting website that your service provider gives.

·    Wallet: There are many online platforms and portals for recharging the plan with the help of wallet. With the help of some offers and discount, this facility can easily be availed. By selecting the wallet and DTH plan, it can easily be recharged. For recharging the operator, you can select a specific operator.

·      Offline: There are many offline dealers that you can visit and recharge the plan. These retailers charge some RS and then they recharge it as soon as possible.

     For any issue and problem, you can contact the customer care of dish TV. For any issue, you can whatsapp at 001 929 3123286. If mobile is registered, then you can easily send message to whastapp at the same number. The agent will always will available for your help.  

There are many recharge offers in this dish TV. The top three of direct to home are mentioned below;

These packages are;

·         HD Packages Recharge

·         SD Packages Recharge

·         Add-Ons Package

The channels included in SD package recharge are;

·         Swagat SD Pack

·         Titanium SD Pack

·         Maxi Sports SD Pack

·         Super Family SD Pack

·         Super Sports SD Pack

The channels included in Add-On Pack are;

·         Dish TV Royale HD Pack: costs only $17

·         Marathi HD: costs $3.00

·         Top Scorer HD: costs $3.00

·         Bangla HD: $3.00

·         English Cricket HD: $3.00

·         Hindi Cricket HD: $3.00

·         All Hindi HD: $5.00

·         Hindi Entertainment HD: $3.00

Airtel Dish Tv

Airtel Dish TV

In October 2008, Bharti Airtel launched one of the Indians largest direct broadcast satellites known as Airtel Dish TV. This Dish TV Offers demand on services which includes a movies catalogue, programs and series in English, Indian and other languages. There are many interactive services offered by this dish TV; such as, iKidsworld, iDarshan, games and iMusicspace. As per 30th March 2015, there are ten million subscribers of this dish.

There are different Dish TV Packages offered by our website For example, on the basis of the new TRAI rules, users have the option to select their own channels and develop a custom pack relative to their DTH connection. This package is called add-on package. So, this dish is offering a new option of customizing channels. The Airtel DTH Provides the information about how to select and use channels.

The top and famous plans along with their packages of this dish are;

·         South Super Max-240 RS per month

·         Value Prime kids-315 RS per month

·         My sports-393 RS per month

·         New Mega-South-477 RS per month

·         My Sports HD-493 RS per month

·         My Family- 333 RS per month

·         Family Plus-399 Rs per month

·         My Sports HD-south-493 RS per month

Dish TV Recharge in Pakistan is also easy and effortless as you simply have to call 001 929 3123286. After inquiring CNIC, one has to pay charges mentioned under Recharge Packages.

To select channels, one need to make sure that the account balance of 100 Rs is in the account or they won’t be able to access any channel. If the users go out of balance at the wrong place and the wrong time, then there is an option available of that is easiest and convenient way to recharge the account.  With DTH Recharge Service available at one can easily recharge the account from the comfort of their home, and anywhere from the world. You are just one click away from the access, as one need to have an internet connection and by just choosing the operator and providing the customer ID, one is done by filling the amount. By using, one can do it fast forward. To enjoy the uninterrupted DTH use, recharge is very important.


We have brought the latest trend and revolution in the world of Dish TV where one can enjoy watching different customized channels from the comfort and convenience zone. There are different plans of Airtel DTH; such as, 3 month plan , 6 month plan, annual plan and many other types. Now, there is no need to rush towards the retailers to access the packages as has made it easy for everyone to choose the plan they want easily without any hassle. All one needs is an internet connection to access this feature. One can easily avail these packages by using their debit cards, net banking or credit card. This service offers 24/7 assistance online for recharging the plan. Hence, Airtel Dish TV is a mode of multiple benefits and options. 


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